Nino's Christmases


"To me, Christmas is Aiba’s birthday! Even though the streets become filled with festive spirit, deep inside I’m always thinking stuff like 'It's Aiba's birthday soon, what should I do for his birthday present?' It’s been like this since 6 years ago [when we first met]. So, since I can’t not…

About Ninomi’s THE DIGITALIAN メリークリスマス
I never noticed how many Aiba references you can get from the song. It might or might nor be about Aimiya, but it surely fits: 100% smile, miracle, goofy smile, same road home, the fact both are dressed as Santas (I was thinking it was a very innocent love song until the Santa+Santa thing which left me kinda wtf-ish, I couldn’t imagine a girl at all later on), I will be so happy. The closer to you is the only kinda romantic part so yeah, kinda dies the Aimiya feel but nevertheless. I love the song anyway lol, but I totally remember about Nino saying how Christmas is not Christmas but Aiba’s birthday. I do hope he talks about the song, and Aimiya or not I would love Aiba running around and Nino chasing, both as Santas.

Zero-G (Piano cover)



Arashi - Zero-G (Piano cover)

"Don’t stop, baby, oh my lady
怖がらないで What’s your name?
すぐに Let’s get away もう Party’s on
Nothing’s gonna changin’ my world”

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lmao at the gabumon post XD

Thanks! :D I’m happy it brought some lols and lmaos!



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~~ Arashi's 15th Anniversary Giveaway ~~



To celebrate their 15th anniversary, I am giving away more awesome prizes! They are our happiness, sunshine, and laughter. What better way to share that same love to one lucky fan!

I’ll be in Hawaii for their concert to get the goods so I might add more later on the giveaway when I come…


Everyone: …..
Ohno: (suddenly) HAHAHAHA
Takenaka: Slow!
Nino: That was slow! Sorry, really sorry!
Ohno: *embarrassed look*

Leader just had alredy gotten since everyone stopped laughing hahahaa